Diversity & Inclusion

As a future facing law firm, we’re looking forward to the day when we don’t need to talk about Diversity & Inclusion – when it will be the norm. Until then, it’s high on our agenda.

We can all shape the future of law

The future is full of possibility. Here at CMS, we know that the best way to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead is to harness the most diverse perspectives and the freshest, most original ideas.

When you join CMS, you’ll be an integral part of the team. Your views will be respected; your ideas will be heard. Most importantly of all, from the moment you first apply and at every stage of your journey with us, we’ll encourage and empower you to be yourself.

Our impact

Our initiatives

Our awards

Although we’re always looking for more ways to boost our diversity and make this an even more inclusive place to be, we’re very proud to have been recognised for our achievements so far.

Any questions?

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